What is BAIFUCHEM doing in the current COVID-19 pandemic?

What is BAIFUCHEM doing in the current COVID-19 pandemic?


The battle against the new coronavirus pneumonia epidemic, which has entered the critical stage, affects everyone’s hearts. Since the beginning of January, the epidemic has continued to develop rapidly and fermented. The whole country and all walks of life are working hard and working together to overcome the difficulties.
During this period, from the frontline of the anti-epidemic fight and down to each of our ordinary people, we must have deeply felt the key to ensuring the supply of anti-epidemic materials on the front line.
The epidemic is the situation of war. In the face of the outbreak of the epidemic in Wuhan, Hubei and the whole country, BAIFUCHEM always pays great attention to it, takes active actions, responds quickly, gives full play to its strengths, and fully allocates corporate resources to meet the emergency needs of anti-epidemic materials.
BAIFUCHEM believes that chemistry will accomplish you and me, and of course chemistry will also accomplish this nationwide “war epidemic” that will be remembered in the annals of history.

Isn’t the fight against the epidemic the business of medical companies? What help can chemical companies provide?

In fact, including construction, medical equipment, packaging, agricultural nutrients and clean energy industries, in our world, more than 90% of the materials that can be seen, touched, and used are chemically synthesized. .
On a global scale, including BAIFUCHEM, more and more chemical companies are continuously increasing their efforts, devoting themselves to a battlefield of safeguarding raw materials for the production of epidemic prevention materials, and building a line for epidemic prevention and control in the upstream of the production chain. “lifeline”.

BAIFUCHEM is in action: What kind of experience is responsive?

Currently, in the battle against the virus, time is life. Timely supply of raw materials, workers’ resumption of work, and logistics and transportation are several difficulties that chemical companies need to overcome to support the fight against the epidemic.
After the outbreak, BAIFUCHEM responded quickly and supported the prevention and control of the epidemic and the personal protection of the people through emergency deployment and supply of raw materials. Every time from receiving an emergency request to shipping, BAIFUCHEM always maintains a rapid response to the epidemic-related needs to ensure that the internal processes are completed in the first time. Every link and every employee used practical actions to interpret the company’s concept of “Chemistry Achieves You and Me” in this virus blockade battle.

The fight against new coronary pneumonia is a protracted battle, and BAIFUCHEM is fully prepared to join hands with the people of the whole country to fight the “epidemic” together. I believe that everyone will win!