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Good producer 1313-13-9 superior manufacturer Manganese dioxide


  • Brand: BaiFuChem

  • Product Name: Manganese dioxide

  • Synonyms: Manganese(IV) oxide, -100 mesh, 99+%;Manganese(IV) oxide, average particle size 2 μm, 99+%;Manganese(IV) oxide, powder, 80-85%;Manganese(IV) oxide, precipitated active,

  • CAS No.: 1313-13-9

  • MF: MnO2

  • MW:86.94

  • Packaging:25 kg/ fiber drum,or according to the requirements of the customers


1. It is a strong oxidizer, mainly used as a depolarizer for dry batteries, a decolorizing agent in the glass industry, a desiccant for paint and ink, an absorbent for gas masks, a combustion aid for matches, etc.
2. Used in the preparation of manganese salt, also used as an oxidant and rust remover
3. Mainly used as a depolarizer in dry batteries. It is a good decolorizing agent in the glass industry. It can oxidize low-valent iron salts into high-iron salts and turn the blue-green of the glass into weak yellow.
4. Used in the chemical industry to produce manganese sulfate, potassium permanganate, manganese carbonate, manganese chloride, manganese nitrate, manganese monoxide, etc. Manganese sulfate is used as fertilizer and feed additive. The pharmaceutical sector uses manganese compounds as disinfectants, oxidants, Chemicalbook, catalysts, gastric lavage and emetics. Manganese is used as a desulfurizer for dry batteries and nitrogen fertilizers; it is also widely used in metallurgy, ceramics, glass, light industry, machinery, matches, electronics, dyes, defense, communications, environmental protection and other departments
5. Used as a depolarizer for dry batteries, as a catalyst and oxidant in the synthesis industry, as a colorant, decolorizer, and deironing agent in the glass industry and enamel industry. Used in the manufacture of metal manganese, special alloys, ferromanganese castings, gas masks and electronic material ferrites, etc. In addition, it can also be used in the rubber industry to increase the viscosity of rubber Chemicalbook glue.
6. Oxidizer, special alloy steel, catalyst, desiccant, determination of sodium sulfide in cement. It is widely used in steelmaking, and used to make glass, ceramics, enamel, dry batteries, etc.
7. Used as an oxidant, and also used in steelmaking, glass, ceramics, enamel, dry batteries, matches, medicine, etc.


Items Specification
Appearance Black powder
Melting point 535 °C (dec.)(lit.)
solubility <0.001g/l insoluble

Product Storage

Keep undercool, dry and well ventilated warehouses, guard against fire.

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