Project Description

Good producer 63-68-3 superior manufacturer L-Methionine


  • Brand: BaiFuChem

  • Product Name: L-Methionine

  • Synonyms: H-L-Met-OH, (S)-(+)-Methionine

  • CAS No.: 63-68-3

  • MF: C5H11NO2S

  • MW: 149.21

  • Packaging:25kg/ fiber drum,or according to the requirements of the customers


1. Amino acid drugs, nutritional supplements.
2. Nutritional supplements. One of the essential amino acids for the human body.
3. Used in biochemical research and nutritional supplements, and also used in adjuvant treatment of pneumonia, cirrhosis and fatty liver, etc.


Items Specification
Appearance White powder
Melting point 284 °C

Product Storage

Keep undercool, dry and well ventilated warehouses, guard against fire.

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