Project Description

Good producer 673-06-3 superior manufacturer D-Phenylalanine


  • Brand: BaiFuChem

  • Product Name:  D-Phenylalanine

  • Synonyms: H-D-Phe-OH, (R)-(+)-Phenylalanine

  • CAS No.: 673-06-3

  • MF: C9H11NO2

  • MW: 165.19

  • Packaging:25kg/ fiber drum,or according to the requirements of the customers


1. For biochemical research.
2. The product is a drug intermediate, mainly used to treat and prevent osteoporosis, cardiovascular, diabetes, arteriosclerosis and other diseases.
3. Used as a pharmaceutical intermediate or bulk drug, used in the synthesis of nateglinide and other drugs


Items Specification
Appearance White powder
Melting point 273-276 °C

Product Storage

Keep undercool, dry and well ventilated warehouses, guard against fire.

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