Project Description

Cobalt Sulphate CAS#_ 10124-43-3


  • Brand: BaiFuChem

  • Product Name:Cobalt sulfate

  • Synonyms: Cobalt sulfate

  • CAS No.: 10124-43-3

  • MF: CoO4S

  • MW:155

  • Packaging:25 kg/Plastic ,Iron drum or fiber drum,or according to the requirements of the customers


For ceramic glaze and paint drying agent, also used in electroplating, alkaline batteries, production of cobalt-containing pigments and other cobalt products, but also used in catalysts, analytical reagents, feed additives, tire adhesives, lithopone additives, etc.


Items Specification
Appearance red orthorhombic crystals
Purity 98%

Product Storage

Keep undercool, dry and well ventilated warehouses, guard against fire.

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